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BS Kit

Are you looking for guidance on how to use your Brow Soap Kit? Keep reading as you’re in the right place.

I have put together the ultimate kit in keeping those eyebrows AMAZINGLY tamed. The kit includes Brow Soap, Mist, Nourishing Growth Serum and a Brush all of which are essential.

After opening your kit, pick up your mist and brow brush and begin by spraying the brush with the mist (two pumps of the mist onto the brush). You can also spray each time once into the tin. Alternatively, you can spray with water however I do not recommend, see FAQs for more info. The mist is developed to activate the Brow Soap however make sure not to spray the brush too much as you only want the brush damp and not dripping of mist (spraying too much mist will result in picking up too much product).

Next, pick up your Brow Soap and with your damp brush glide the brush back and fourth onto the Brow Soap making sure you have just enough product on the brush.

Now brush through your brows in an upward motion, working your way from the beginning of your brow through to the tail end. Depending on how fluffy you like them, I LOVE mine super fluffy so I start with a small amount of product and keep applying till I'm happy with the lift.

Once you have achieved your desired lift clean the brush so you can get more use out of the brush, so with a damp cotton pad wipe away the excess product from the brush.

If you want to add brow products (pomade, pencil etc.), do this now after waiting 60 seconds for the Brow Soap to dry (if you like to apply brow products before using Brow Soap this is fine as well).

So now that your brows are on point and ready for the day you can go about your normal daily routine. Now don’t worry these will not drip down your face and burn your eyes. The Brow Soap is designed to be applied on the eyebrows unlike actual hand soap.

Once these are ready to come off wash your face normally making sure to be gentle with the face hence why we pat dry and now to my evenly favourite product the Brow Growth Serum. Apply two-three drops onto the brow brush and brush through brows.

That is all, super easy, nourishing and just full of amazingness. Please tag us #karasbrowbabes to show us your lift we love seeing you in our products.

If you have any questions send them through and we will get back to you ASAP. We hope you LOVE your kit.


Much Love,


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