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Fluffy BROWS

Most often, almost 99% of clients ask me “How to I get my brows to grow” or “How can I make my brows look fluffy” or “Can you make my brows fluffy like this picture”… then keep reading in order to achieve fuller, fluffier and thicker looking brows.

I could sit here for hours explaining the mechanics behind eyebrow growth cycle and the science behind products however, to keep this simple and easy to follow I’ll give you a quick summary.

You can achieve the look by simply getting your eyebrows micro-bladed, which involves tattooing your eyebrows and for some this is not an option either due to the cost, medical history/issue, having brows they might not like for 12-18 months or simply being afraid.

Alternatively, you can achieve short term results by getting your brows “laminated” which is great however, clients feel like they cannot get this treatment every 4-6 weeks as they like to give there brows a rest and sometimes not being able to keep up with the cost but yet again they want the fluffy look therefore, I have created a vegan Brow Soap which is applied at your own convenience at home with many months worth of use.

Brow Soap gives you the naturally fluffy, thicker looking brows without any greasy, uncomfortable feel, by simply applying a small amount of product on the brows and will hold this in place for the entire day.

The ingredients in the Brow Soap are vegan and animal cruelty free. All ingredients are nourishing, moisturising, balancing, softening and conditioning as well as promoting growth. Whats not to love about this tin of goodness?

Brow Soap is something that is affordable and easy to use. If you’re after a product that gives you the brushed up lusciously fluffy in appearance… then look no further, Brow Soap is just right for you with its gentle ingredients.


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