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iBrow Growth Journey

The famous question “How do I get my eyebrows to grow”, a question I hear repeatedly all day….

Wouldn’t it be nice to have naturally thicker, fluffier eyebrows without all the extras? Of-course. However some of us including myself are not blessed.

In the search to get my own eyebrows thicker before my big day (wedding) I went on a hunt to find a product that actually works. I thought the fancier the ingredients it was bound to work or the more expensive it would definitely work, soon to realise that this was wrong. I tried almost everything in relation to grow serums and NOTHING would make my eyebrows look slightly better and this is where my journey started in finding the perfect ingredient that delivers results.  

I contacted as many manufacturers as I could to see who would work with me in producing and sourcing while making sure the manufacturer fit what I was looking for… and here I am after many, many months of sourcing and testing to now being able to share with you my experience.

I decided to go back to the basics, an ingredient that has been on the market for decades CASTOR BEANS (and turmeric), a plant which was considered to be an unwanted weed however the fine oil produced from its beans contained benefits that have made it AMAZING. Castor Oil can positively impact hair by stimulating circulation to boost its growth and by locking in moisture with its humectant properties.

I religiously used this morning and night for at least 2 months before actually seeing results. In the AM I applied a small amount as I did not want people looking at my brows and thinking, “why are they so shinny” and in the PM I applied more. When I say results, actual results where my brows started growing hairs that I have not seen since my early teens. It was literally amazing.

Here I am today giving you hope that it is possible to grow your eyebrows with this miracle black bottle of love. For best results use religiously in the AM and PM (I included this step in my skincare routine in which became a habit) - two-three drops on a brow brush and brush into your brows and brush all over making sure you have touched the eyebrow skin area and have reached all eyebrow hairs.

Please share your journey with us and tag us #karasbrowbabes to keep us posted on how you’re tracking. There’s nothing better than having ACTUAL BROW HAIRS when leaving the house and there’s no better feeling then HELPING YOU achieve your brow goals.


Much Love,


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